Politics of Linking Schools and Social Services

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März 1994



Over the years, arguments have been raised for and against linking schools and social services, and the merits or otherwise of each system. This volume brings together research and public policy issues to focus on the new framework of service provision.


Part 1 - Cross-national perspectives: The Norwegian case - child centred policy in action, Unni Hagen and Felisa Tibbitts; Discovering shared values - ecological models to support interagency collaboration, Hanne B Mawhinney. Part 2 - State and local perspectives: The politics of policy making for children, Julia E Koppich; The professional and institutional perspectives on interagency collaboration, Douglas E Mitchell and Linda Scott; Resource issues - a case study from New Orleans, James Garvin and Alma Young; Implementing collaborative services - new challenges for practitioners and experts in reform, Stephanie Kadel and Dorothy Routh. Part 3 - The role of the universities: University-based preparation for collaborative interprofessional practice, Michael Knapp, Kathryn Bernard, Richard N Brandon, Nathalie J Gethrke, Albert Smith and Edward C Teather. Part 4 - Lessons from the field: California's state partnership for school-linked services, William A White; On the cutting edge - family/youth service centres in Kentucky, Charles Russo and Jane Clarke Lindle.
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