Essence Analog Electronics

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November 1996



Providing an introduction to where, how and why the fundamental building blocks of electronic circuits are used, the objective of this book is to develop confidence in the using, designing and interpreting of electronic circuits. Wherever possible design equations are developed with 'rule-of-thumb' approximating techniques to enhance the student's understanding of an ability to design and modify circuits. The emphasis throughout is on the fundamental concepts and analysis techniques which can be applied to other more advanced circuits.

Solutions Manual (013-575234-5).


1. Basic Principles for Electronics.
2. Introduction to Operational Amplifiers
3. More Op-Amp Circuits.
4. OP-Amp Limitations.
5. Op-Amp Switching Circuits.
6. Diodes and their Applications.
7. Introduction to Bipolar Junction.
8. Transistors.
9. BJT ACAnalysis MOSFETs.
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