The Indiana Way: A State History

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August 1990



The Indiana Way traces the history of the Hoosier state from prehistoric times through the late twentieth century. The author argues that there had always been a distinctive Indiana way that rejects radical and extreme notions and movements and prefers the comfort and security that comes from a respect for the achievements of the generations that preceded.


INTRODUCTION PART I Before There Was a State i Peoples and Empires before the Americans Prehistory and Prehistoric Peoples The Land Contests for Empire The British Empire in the West, 1763-1776 ii The American Nation and the West, 1776-1800 The American Revolution in the West, 1776-1783 The New Nation and the Northwest Territory, 1783-1800 iii Indiana Territory and Statehood, 1800-1816 Treaties and Conflicts with Indians Government and Politics in Indiana Territory, 1800-1810 Statehood and the Constitution of 1816 PART II Pioneer Indiana, 1816-1850 iv On the Indiana Frontier Migration and Settlement Patterns Land and the Frontier Family Home Food, Clothing, and Health v The Evolving Pioneer Economy Rivers and Roads Canals and the System of 1836 Merchants, Bankers, and Manufacturers Town Building vi Pioneer Community Life The Protestant Frontier Morality, Scoial Order, and Reform Pioneer Education The New Harmony Communities vii Pioneer Government and Politics Land Acquisiton and Indian Removal Government and the General Welfare Pioneer Politics The Constitutional Convention of 1850-1851 The Pioneer Legacy PART III Indiana in Transition, 1850-1920 viii Making a Living, 1850-1920 Life on the Farm The Railroad Age Industrialization and the Rise of Big Business Labor and the WorkerOs World ix Hoosiers Together, 1850-1920 Black Hoosiers Ethnic Hoosiers Urban and Small-Town Hoosiers Educating Hoosier Religious Hoosiers Culture and Leisure x The Politics of the Civil War Era, 1850-1873 The Politics of the 1850s A Civil War at Home Reconstruction, 1865-1873 xi The Indiana Way of Politics, 1873-1920 Politics, Indiana Style, 1873-1896 The Politics of Moderate Reform, 1890-1916 A Golden Age? PART IV Continuity and Change since 1920 xii The People since 1920 Many Kinds of Hoosiers Black Hoosiers and the Civil Rights ORevolutionO The Continuing Challenges of Public School Reform Basketball and Other Forms of Leisure and Culture xiii The Economy since 1920 Agriculture and Farm Life The Automobile Age The Industrial Economy Government, Labor, and the Economy xiv The Politics of a State The Klan and the Politics of Mediocrity: The 1920s Liberalism, Ambition, and the New Deal: The 1930s Party Politics since 1940 State Government since 1940 xv Hoosiers Past and Present Appendixes Notes A Guide to Further Reading Index


"This is a splendid example of how to write well balanced, highlyreadable state history." -- The Old Northwest
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