When Faiths Collide

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Dezember 2004



In the face of the growing threat from collisions of faith world-wide, this manifesto is a call to embrace religious pluralism.
Martin E. Marty is a renowned commentator on religious matters, the author of over 50 books, winner of the National Book Award, and the recipient of 74 honorary doctorates
Demonstrates that citizens, religions and identities can survive in radically pluralist settings
Accessibly written, it tackles people's fears of religious pluralism
Argues that those involved in collisions of faith need to risk hospitality towards one another, as opposed to the conventional plea for tolerance
Pays particular attention to the conflicts that affect or occur within those nations whose politics can be called republican, open, democratic, liberal, or free - particularly the UK, the US, and Western Europe.


1. Religious Strangers as Menaces.2. "Belongers" versus Strangers.3. When Faith Communities Conflict.4. The Pluralist Polity.5. Living with the Pluralist Polity.6. The Risk of Hospitality.7. Theological Integrity in Responses.Notes.Index


Martin E. Marty is Fairfax M. Cone Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago, where the Martin Marty Center has been founded to promote public religion endeavors. Marty is a renowned commentator on religious matters. He has written over 50 books, including the three-volume Modern American Religion (1986-96) and Righteous Empire: Protestantism in the US (Second Edition, 1986), which won the National Book Award, and has received 74 honorary doctorates.


"When I teach courses at this level I always include religious diversity. Martin Marty's recent text, When Faiths Collide, provides a good entry into this topic on three fronts: by drawing on history, theology, scripture and the intersection of religion with politics, medicine and other fields, Marty reinforces my claim to students that our discipline is polymethodical." Journal of Teaching Theology and Religion "This is a marvellous accomplishment... When Faiths Collide is an original and fresh contribution to the discussion of religious "otherness" (the stranger in our midst) as it has unfolded in the aftermath of September 11." Scott Appleby, University of Notre Dame "An essential read." Journal of Religion "In his typically comprehensive way, Martin Marty kindly gives all sides a hearing, eager to make sure every position is fairly represented with its nuance." Word and World
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