Children Taken Seriously

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"In Theory, Policy & Practice".


Foreword, Mary John, Professor Emeritus, University of Exeter. Working Seriously Towards New Partnerships: An Introduction. Toby Fattore and Jan Mason with Chris Sidoti, International Service for Children's Rights, Geneva.
Part 1: Theory.
1. Women's Studies/Childhood Studies: Parallels, Links and Perspectives. Leena Alanen, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland.
2. Theorizing Representation of and Engagement with Children: The Political Dimension of Child-Oriented Communication. Toby Fattore, New South Wales Commission for Children and Young People and Nick Turnbull, University of New South Wales.
3. Virtual Reality: Children as Constituents in Social Welfare and Social Policy Constructions. Marie Wilkinson, formerly University of Sydney.
4. Childhood and Sexuality: Adult Constructions and Silenced Children. Kerry H. Robinson, University of Western Sydney.
Part 2: Policy.
5. The Social Condition of UK Childhoods: Children's Understandings and Their Implications. Berry Mayall, Institute of Education, University of London.
6. Child Protection Policy and the Construction of Childhood. Jan Mason, University of Western Sydney.
7. 'To Know Them is to Love Them', But Instead Fear and Loathing: Community Perceptions of Young People. Natalie Bolzan, University of Western Sydney.
8. The Objectification of the Child through 'Physical Discipline' and Language: The Debate on Children's Rights Continues. Bernadette J. Saunders and Chris Goddard, Monash University.
9. Children's Democratic Rights: What We Can Learn From Young Workers Organizing Themselves. Per Miljeteig, Psychologist and Child Rights consultant.
Part 3: Practice.
10. Taking Young People Seriously Means Giving Them Serious Things to Do. Roger Holdsworth, University of Melbourne.
11. Negotiating Competing Versions of 'The Child': A Pre-School Child's Competence in Parent-Teacher Talk at the Pre-School. Michelle J. Leiminer, University of Queensland and Carolyn D. Baker, formerly University of Queensland.
12. Using Computers at Home and at School: Children's Views and Perspectives. Toni Downes, University of Western Sydney.
13. Preschool Girls, Conflict and Repair. Susan Danby, Queensland University of Technology.
14. Children's Perceptions of School. Neriman Osman, New South Wales Office of Children's Guardian.
15. Organisational Morality and Children's Engagement in Early Childhood Programs. Donna Berthelsen, Queensland University of Technology.
16. Today I Discovered... Helen Woodward, University of Western Sydney.
17. The Voice of the Child in the Family Group Conferencing Model. Patricia Kiely, UnitingCare Burnside, Sydney, Australia. Appendix: Transcript Notation. References. The Contributors. Subject Index. Author Index.


Jan Mason is Professor of Social Work and Director of the Social Justice and Social Change Research Centre at the University of Western Sydney. She has researched and published widely on child welfare and protection, child and family policy, child-adult relations and researching with children. Toby Fattore is a researcher at the New South Wales Commission for Children and Young People, and has published on child fatality, and managerial practice in child protection.

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