Cowboy Fiddler in Bob Wills' Band: As Told to John R. Erickson; Introductions by Lanny Fiel

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April 1997



Frankie McWhorter grew up in Bob Wills Country and bought his first fiddle with his cowboy wages in 1950. He played with Clyde Chesser and the Texas Village Boys and the Miller Brothers Band before being asked to join Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. McWhorter tells stories of touring with these bands and of his hours spent listening to Wills tell his stories. He also reveals his adventures and misadventures as a working cowboy.


Frankie McWhorter grew up in the Texas Panhandle town of Memphis and has managed a seventeen-section ranch in the Panhandle. In addition to fiddling and cowboying, his books include "Horse ""Fixin""': Forty Years of Working with Problem ""Horses," as told to John R. Erickson, and "Play It Lazy: The Bob Wills Fiddle Legacy," with Lanny Fiel. John R. Erickson lives with his wife Kris and their children on their M-Cross Ranch in the Texas Panhandle, "nine-sections of the most gorgeous cowboy country on God's earth," where he ranches and writes. He is the author of the "Hank the ""Cowdog" series.
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