Build Your Own Combat Robot

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"Roboteers stand by" - for information on building your own battling robot. With a 16-page colour insert featuring the most popular machines.


1: Welcome to Competition Robots 2: Getting Started 3: Robot Locomotion 4: Motor Selection and Performance 5: It's All About Power 6: Power Transmission: Getting Power to Your Wheels 7: Controlling Your Motors 8: Remotely Controlling Your Robot 9: Robot Material and Construction Techniques 10: Weapons Systems for Your Robot 11: Autonomous Robots 12: Robot Brains 13: Robot Sumo 14: Real-Life Robots: Lessons from Veteran Builders 15: Afterword A: Prototyping Electronics B: Resources and References C: Helpful Formulas


Pete Miles (Graham, WA) has worked in robotics for over 12 years. He holds a Master's degree in mechanical engineering and is currently working as Senior Research Engineer in advanced machining technologies for Ormond LLC in Kent, WA. Miles is active with the Seattle Robotics Society and was recently appointed to the SRS Board of Directors. Tom Carroll (Eastsound, WA) has been involved with robotics for over forty years. He built his first robot at age 14, and later worked as a robotics engineer for Rockwell International for nearly thirty years. He built the robots that were featured in the movies Revenge of the Nerds and Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century, and founded his own company, Universal Robot Systems, which focuses on personal robots to assist the elderly and disabled.
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