The Law of Internal Armed Conflict

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November 2003



There is considerable writing on the laws designed to regulate war, but most of this material is devoted to international wars between different states. Lindsay Moir examines the laws which exist to protect civilians caught up in armed conflicts within a single state. This book traces the development of international law from the nineteenth century, up to events arising from the conflicts in Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia. It demonstrates how human rights can offer protection during armed conflict and how effectively (and by whom) the relevant rules can be enforced.


Preface and acknowledgements; Table of cases; Table of treaties and other international instruments; 1. The historical regulation of internal armed conflict; 2. Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions; 3. Additional Protocol II of 1977; 4. Customary international law and internal armed conflict; 5. Human rights during internal armed conflict; 6. Implementation and enforcement of the laws of internal armed conflict; Bibliography; Index.


LINDSAY MOIR is Lecturer in Law at the University of Hull Law School.


'... This work is one that should prove useful to scholars and students of international humanitarian law. ... The quality of the contents of this timely book is high ... Dr Moir has a good understanding of the law in this area, and a keen analytical style.' Journal of Conflict & Security Law '... the book provides a well-written assessment of the current rules governing internal armed conflict. To have addressed such a heterogeneous field in a comprehensive way is in itself a significant achievement.' The Cambridge Law Journal 'Lindsay Muir has written a definitive work on international humanitarian law in internal armed conflicts. All the major cases and relevant treaties and conventions are cited besides other pertinent documentation. What is more, there is an excellent discussion of the law in practice in several such situations.' Economic and Political Weekly '... a well-written and comprehensive introduction to the legal regime governing internal armed conflicts. the work of Moir should definitely prove useful to scholars and students of humanitarian law.' German Yearbook of International Law '... this book is an immensely useful, easily readable, and thorough elucidation of the development and content of the law of internal armed conflicts as at the turn of the twenty-first century.' Rosemary Rayfuse, Leiden Journal of International Law
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