Configuring Microsoft Outlook 2003

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September 2005



Written by one of the top Outlook experts in the country, this book provides practical guidance for a smooth initial deployment and maintenance of Outlook 2003 in many different scenarios, including Cached Exchange Mode, Terminal Server installation, and upgrades from previous versions.


Contents; Introduction; Acknowledgments; Outlook Data and Settings Locations; Outlook Configuration Techniques; Configuring Outlook Mail Profiles; Advanced .prf File Usage; Exchange Account Configuration; Locking Down Outlook; Managing the Outlook Security Settings Folder; Special Configuration Scenarios; Configuring Other Outlook Options; Appendix A: Outlook 2003 Policy Settings; Appendix B: Additional Outlook Registry Settings; Appendix C: Disabling Menu and Toolbar Commands and Shortcut Keys; Appendix D: Other Resources


Sue Mosher is the author of six previous books on Microsoft Outlook and Exchange and maintains a web site at http://www.outlookcode.com devoted to helping programmers at all skill levels take advantage of Outlook's extensibility. Her company, Turtleflock LLC, helps organizations get the most out of Outlook and other Microsoft Office products, providing custom application development and other support. Sue has been recognized by Microsoft with a Most Valuable Professional award every year since 1994. Sue is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the College of William and Mary, currently residing in Arlington, Virginia.


"In her typically superb fashion, Sue has crafted an indispensable reference that digs into the internals of Outlook...Long story short, its good stuff! Tame the beast, buy this book." - Chris Kunicki, officezealot.com
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