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Conceiving of Christianity as a worldview has been one of themost significant events in the church in the last 150 years. In thisnew book David Naugle provides the best discussion yet of thehistory and contemporary use of worldview as a totalizing approachto faith and life.This informative volume first locates the origin of worldviewin the writings of Immanuel Kant and surveys the rapid proliferationof its use throughout the English-speaking world. Naugle thenprovides the first study ever undertaken of the insights of majorWestern philosophers on the subject of worldview and offers anoriginal examination of the role this concept has played in thenatural and social sciences. Finally, Naugle gives the concept biblicaland theological grounding, exploring the unique ways that world-viewhas been used in the Evangelical, Orthodox, and Catholictraditions.This clear presentation of the concept of of worldview will beof value to a wide range of readers.


David Naugle is professor of philosophy at Dallas Baptist University, Texas.
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