States, Markets, Families: Gender, Liberalism and Social Policy in Australia, Canada, Great Britain and the United States

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Februar 2003



Three leading figures in the field make this important contribution to debates about social policy and gender relations in an era of economic restructuring and market liberalism. Structured thematically and systematically comparative, the book analyzes three key policy areas: labor markets, income maintenance and reproductive rights. It explores the question of whether liberal states should intervene in workplaces or families to guarantee the rights and welfare of all individuals within them. The experiences of Canada, the UK, United States and Australia are the focus of the book.


1. Introduction; 2. Liberalism, gender and social policy; 3. Labour market participation in liberal welfare state regimes: earner-carer labor market participation without earner-carer social policy frameworks; 4. Social rights against gender stratification and gender power?; 5. Body rights, social rights and reproductive choice; 6. Liberalism, gendered policy logics and mobilisation: a story of coherence and contradictions; 7. States, markets, families; List of references.


"O'Connor, Orloff, and Shaver draw upon 'mainstream' and feminist work (including their own earlier and significant scholarship) to provide an extremely well developed, sustained and interesting analysis of gender relations and social policy in four countries that represent the 'liberal' world of welfare capitalism." Canadian Journal of of Sociology "...a book that should move quickly into the canon of welfare state studies, with transformational effect." Lisa D. Brush, American Journal of Sociology "This groundbreaking book brings together a wealth of information about the gendered effects of social policy in four conutries...This book can and should be read by anyone interested in gendering social policy analyses or in learning more about liberalism and social policy...State, Markets, Families makes a tremendous contribution to scholarship in the areas of gender and social policy, and of social policy more broadly...This volume is destined to become a classic and to inspire new analyses of gender and social policy for many decades to come." Governance July 2001
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