Principles of Pharmacology: A Tropical Approach

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November 2002



This volume provides a useful and informative introduction to basic pharmacological principles and practice in the context of tropical medicine and diseases.


Preface; Part I. General Background to Drug Usage in the Tropics: 1. Traditional medicine; 2. The problems of availability and quality of modern drugs in the tropics; Part II. Fundamental Pharmacodynamic Principles: 3. Measurement of drug response; 4. Receptors and drug response; Part III. Fundamental Principles in Drug Disposition: 5. Drug administration and factors affecting drug metabolism; 6. Pharmacokinetic principles; Part IV. Factors Affecting Drug Metabolism: 7. The influence of malnutrition and food-derived intoxicants; 8. Genetic factors affecting drug action; Part V. Selective Toxicity: 9. Antimicrobial drugs; 10. Antiprotozoal drugs; 11. Anthelmintics; 12. Anticancer and antiviral drugs; 13. Drug resistance; 14. Strategies for the development of new drugs; Part VI. Systematic Pharmacology: 15. Drug targets in the nervous system; 16. Noradrenergic mechanisms; 17. Cholinergic mechanisms; 18. Anaesthesia; 19. Pain and inflammation; 20. Drugs acting on the central nervous system; 21. Cardiovascular and renal systems; 22. Haemopoietic system; 23. Endocrine system; 24. Local hormones (autocoids); Index.


"Recommended for students needing an introductory pharmacology text and for those needing additional information on tropical applications." Choice "This textbook is intended to give the pharmacology curriculum for medical, pharmacy, dentistry, and science students in tropical countries a beter orientation. Students in these regions will probably derive valuable insights." Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
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