Progress in Metamorphic and Magmatic Petrology: A Memorial Volume in Honour of D. S. Korzhinskiy

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November 2003



This collection of review articles summarises recent scientific achievements int he theory of petrology.


Part I. Mineral Thermodynamics and Equilibria for Geothermobarometry: an introduction L. L. Perchuk: 1. Thermodynamic systems and factors of petrogenesis A. A. Marakushev; 2. A new hydrous, high-pressure phase with a pumpellyite structure in the system MgO W. Schreyer, W. V. Maresch and T. Baller; 3. Two-pyroxene thermometry, a critical evaluation V. I. Fonarev and A. A. Graphchikov; 4. Derivation of a thermodynamically consistent set of geothermometers for metamorphic and magmatic rocks L. L. Perchuk; 5. Vector representation of lithium and other mica composites D. M. Burt; 6. Thermodynamics of some framework silicates and their equilibria: application to geothermobarometry L. L. Perchuk, K. K. Podlesskii and L. Ya. Aranovich; Part II. Macrokinetic Model of Origin and Development of a Monomineralic Bimetasomatic Zone V. N. Balashov and M. I. Lebedeva: 7. Experimental modelling of wall rock metasomatism V. A. Zhrikov and G. P. Zaraiskii; 8. The paragenesis of serendibite at Johnsburg, New York, USA: an example of boron enrichment in the granulite facies E. S. Grew, M. G. Yates, G. H. Swihard, P. B. Moore and N. Marquez.


"...there are at least a few choice chapters in this book for every petrologist." R.A. Lange, GSA Today
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