The $500 Round of Golf: A Guide to Pilot-Friendly Golf Courses

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By the author of The $100 Hamburger!.
. If youre a pilot who loves to golf, too, heres a book that lets you combine your passions and make the most of your time. "The $500 Round of Golf" lists the best places to land your plane for a quick round of golf, with every airstrip and golf course recommended by pilots for pilots..
. Written by a long-time aviator and golf enthusiast, "The $500 Round of Golf" amuses, informs, and: . * Includes runway information: service, location, etc.. * Provides golf-course details: quality, style, price, transportation options, and operations. * Covers the best places to land and golf in all 50 states. * Reveals how flying to a round of golf offers a bigger, better tax write-off than lunch alone. * Delivers 50 sure-fire tips to winning weekend golf. * And much, much more.
. So the next time you want to fly out and hit the links, hit this book first "The $500 Round of Golf!,"


<H3> Chapter 1: Winning Defined<H3> Chapter 2: Alabama<H3> Chapter 3: It's Tiger's Job<H3> Chapter 4: Alaska<H3> Chapter 5: The Double Bogey Challenge<H3> Chapter 6: Arizona<H3> Chapter 7: It's in Your Mind, Not Your Bag!<H3> Chapter 8: Arkansas<H3> Chapter 9: Be a Square<H3> Chapter 10: California<H3> Chapter 11: Big Hole Putting<H3> Chapter 12: Colorado<H3> Chapter 13: Too Far to Putt, Too Close to Swing<H3> Chapter 14: Connecticut<H3> Chapter 15: Sand Traps Aren't, Water Traps Are<H3> Chapter 16: Delaware<H3> Chapter 17: Bringin' It on Down<H3> Chapter 18: Florida<H3> Chapter 19: Get a Grip!<H3> Chapter 20: Georgia<H3> Chapter 21: Take a Stand<H3> Chapter 22: Hawaii<H3> Chapter 23: The Eyes Have It<H3> Chapter 24: Idaho<H3> Chapter 25: A Tip of the Hat<H3> Chapter 26: Illinois<H3> Chapter 27: Two for the Money<H3> Chapter 28: Indiana<H3> Chapter 29: Blue Suede Shoes<H3> Chapter 30: Iowa<H3> Chapter 31: Never on a Sunday<H3> Chapter 32: Kansas<H3> Chapter 33: Kentucky<H3> Chapter 34: Louisiana<H3> Chapter 35: Maine<H3> Chapter 36: Maryland<H3> Chapter 37: Massachusetts<H3> Chapter 38: Michigan<H3> Chapter 39: Minnesota<H3> Chapter 40: Mississippi<H3> Chapter 41: Missouri<H3> Chapter 42: Montana<H3> Chapter 43: Nebraska<H3> Chapter 44: Nevada<H3> Chapter 45: New Hampshire<H3> Chapter 46: New Jersey<H3> Chapter 47: New Mexico<H3> Chapter 48: New York<H3> Chapter 49: North Carolina<H3> Chapter 50: North Dakota<H3> Chapter 51: Ohio<H3> Chapter 52: Oklahoma<H3> Chapter 53: Oregon<H3> Chapter 54: Pennsylvania<H3> Chapter 55: Rhode Island<H3> Chapter 56: South Carolina<H3> Chapter 57: South Dakota<H3> Chapter 58: Tennessee<H3> Chapter 59: Texas<H3> Chapter 60: G-2<H3> Chapter 61: Utah<H3> Chapter 62: Practice Session #1<H3> Chapter 63: Vermont<H3> Chapter 64: Practice Session #2<H3> Chapter 65: Virginia<H3> Chapter 66: Practice Session #3<H3> Chapter 67: Washington<H3> Chapter 68: Practice Session #4<H3> Chapter 69: West Virginia<H3> Chapter 70: Practice Session #5<H3> Chapter 71: Wisconsin<H3> Chapter 72: Practice Session #6<H3> Chapter 73: Wyoming


John F. Purner (Wharton, TX) is a licensed pilot and registered aircraft owner. He is the founder of "The $100 Hamburger" web site, which is the origin of this book, and was awarded the top rating from Plane & Pilot magazine


For the adventurer in all of us, McGraw-Hill has published "The $500 Round of Golf: A Guide to Pilot-Friendly Golf Courses." The book highlights more than 100 unique and out-of-the-way tracks that are near or adjacent to small airports in the U.S., Canada and the French Caribbean.
For example, after buzzing the pro shop at Kokanee Springs Golf Course (pictured) in Crawford, British Columbia, you can settle onto the turf landing strip that sits directly across a small highway from the sixth tee, where you'll be sped out to the 6,604-yard, par-71 course.
Perhaps the only pilot-friendly course that can top Kokanee Springs for sheer beauty is Golf de St. Francois, in Guadeloupe, French Caribbean. This 6,755-yard, par-71 Robert Trent Jones Sr. design surrounds the St. Francois airport and runs along the azure waters of a large lagoon.
Regardless of which courses you choose, you can be sure getting there will be an interesting ride.
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