Isolation, Migration and Health

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This book explores the biological effects of human isolation and migration, and how the situations to which they give rise help to elucidate a variety of biological problems, ranging from evolutionary change to disease etiology. The majority of the case studies presented here are by Asian investigators, and provide an uniquely accessible source of information.


Preface; 1. The legacy of the IBP - Presidential Address N. Fujiki; 2. The distinction between primary and secondary isolates J. V. Neel; 3. Time trends in the break-up of isolates T.Yanase; 4. Factors influencing the frequency of consanguineous marriages in Japan Y. Imaizumi; 5. Break-up of isolates F. Vogel; 6. Isolates in India, their origin and characterisation K. C. Malhotra; 7. Consanguineous marriages and their genetical consequences in some Indian populations D. P. Mukherjee; 8. Biomedical and immunogenetic variation in isolated populations in India S. S. Papiha; 9. Genetic distance analyses in Israeli groups using classical markers and DNA polymorphisms in the B globin gene B. Bonne-Tamir, A. Zoossmann-Diskin, A. Ticher, A. Oppenheim and S. Nevo; 10. Non random distribution of Gm haplotypes in northern Siberia R. I. Sukernik; 11. Allele frequency estimation N. Yasuda; 12. Genetic affinities of human populations N. Saitou, K. Tokunaga and K. Omoto; 13. Inherited neurological diseases in southern Japan K. Kondo; 14. Serological and virological evidence for human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 infection among the isolated Hagahai of Papua New Guinea R. Yanagihara and R. M. Garruto; 15. Analysis of genes associated with hypercholesterolaemia in the Japanese population H. Hamaguchi, Y. Watanabe, Y. Yamanouchi, H. Yanagi, T. Arinami, R. Miyazaki, S. Tsuchiya and K. Kobayshi; 16. Migrant studies and their problems P. T. Baker; 17. Tokelau: migration and health in a small Polynesian society a longitudinal study I. Prior; 18. Micromigrations of isolated Tureg tribes of the Sahara Desert P. Lefevre-Witier; 19. Population structure in the eastern Adriatic: the influence of historical processes, migration patterns, isolation and ecological pressures, and their interaction P. Rudan, A Sujoldzic, D. Simic, L. A. Bennett and D. F. Roberts; 20. Diabetes and diabetic macroangiopathy in Japanese-Americans H. Hara, G. Egusa, K. Yamane and M. Yamakido; 21. Diabetes and westernisation in Japanese migrants Y. Kanazawa, M. Iunes and W. Fujimoto; 22. Environmental factors affecting ischemic heart disease G. Mimura, K. Murakami, M. Gushiken and S. Ogawa; Epilogue D. F. Roberts.


"...represents a very interesting and curious aspect of the exploration of situations resulting from the biological effects of human isolation and migration. These investigations may particularly help to understand and to elucidate a variety of biological problems ranging from evolutionary change to the etiology of the diseases...A real book to meditate." Cellular and Molecular Biology "...overall it is well written." Tibor Koertvelyessy, Human Biology
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