The Politics of Harmony

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Juli 2003



The Politics of Harmony analyses how traditional ruling elites in Swaziland, as in other parts of Africa, use harmony ideologies to downplay and resolve land disputes.


Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. National and Local Settings: 1. The geographical, historical, political, and social bases of customary land tenure relations; 2. The legal structure for customary land tenure relations; 3. Two communities: arenas for land disputes; Part II. Harmony and Land: 4. The politics of harmony: land dispute strategies; 5. Land dispute cases in the political hierarchy; 6. 'A woman is like a field': women's land dispute strategies; 7. 'How could I take my land dispute to the person with the stick?': elites' land dispute strategies. 8. Conclusions; Appendix; Notes; References; Index.


"Perhaps the book's chief merit is the serious attention it pays to the place of women within the Swazi customary legal system...This is a thoughtful book that will be of interest in legal anthropologists and other students of 'customary' law in postcolonial Africa." American Anthropologist "The core of this book provides a fascinating ethnographic glimpse into the operation of customary courts in the 1980s...this is an absorbing and provocative book, amply demonstrating the need for a new historical anthropology of Swaziland." Jonathan Crush, The International Journal of African Historical Studies
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