Generations in Conflict: Youth Revolt and Generation Formation in Germany 1770 1968

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Oktober 2003



This is the first English-language collection of essays on modern German history with a generational theme. It analyzes the origins and impact of generation conflict from the eighteenth century to the 1960s student revolts. It adds to our understanding of generations as historical phenomena and elucidates why so often in modern German history generation conflict has overshadowed class conflict. It addresses the generational roots of National Socialism, and pays particular attention to gender and the development of East German society.


1. Introduction: Generation conflict and German history 1770-1968 Mark Roseman; 2. The ideal of youth in late 18th-century Germany Joachim Whaley; 3. Young Germans and Young Germany: some remarks on the history of German youth in the late 18th and in the first half of the 19th century Rainer Elkar; 4. The battle for the young: mobilising young people in Wilhelmine Germany Jurgen Reulecke; 5. Jewish politics and generation conflict in Wilhelmine Germany Jacob Borut; 6. The 'Front Generation' and the politics of Weimar Germany Richard Bessel; 7. The 'New Woman' and generation conflict: perceptions of young women's sexual mores in the Weimar Republic Cornelie Usborne; 8. Generations of German historians: patronage, censorship and the containment of generation conflict, 1918-45 Peter Lambert; 9. Gender, generation and politics: young protestant women in the final years of the Weimar Republic Elizabeth Harvey; 10. The Hitler Youth generation and its role in the two post-war German states Alexander von Plato; 11. The BDM generation: a female generation in transition from dictatorship to democracy Dagmar Reese; 12. A generation twice betrayed: youth policy in the transition from the Third Reich to the Soviet Zone of Occupation 1945-6 Michael Buddrus; 13. The generation that never was: young labour in the Ruhr mining industry 1945-57 Mark Roseman; 14. The German Kriegskinder. Origins and impact of the generation of 1968 Heinz Bude.


"Each of the authors is a well-known historian, and the book provides a wealth of information for scholars interested in the role that youth revolt has played in the development of modern Germany...[A]n outstanding collection that successfully traces the evolution of German history through the prism of generational conflict. This paradigm will undoubtedly become increasingly important in the future, and scholars who wish to pursue it will have to consult this important book." Russel Lemmons, History "...it presents important issues in the study and interpretation of German history." German Studies Review "This volume is a good introduction for anyone wishing to study youth and generational conflict since it contains both useful surveys of scholarship and some closely argued essays that are instructive in terms of methods and insights. readers will appreciate the nuanced views of youth and generational conflict and Roseman's critical evaluation of the essays." Robert Wegs, Journal of Social History "Mark Roseman's superbly edited Generations in Conflict is the first English-language collection to address the question in a systematic fashion and succeeds in bringing together some of the more recent findings on the topic by a team of highly capable British and German scholars. ...remarkably coherent and cohesive collection of essays on one of the major themes in modern German history." Larry Eugene Jones, Central European History
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