The Forensic Stage: Settling Disputes in Graeco-Roman New Comedy

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This book explores the ways in which legal disputes were settled out of court in fourth-century BC Athens and in second-century BC Rome. After examining pretrial scenarios in the Attic orators and comparable ones in Roman legal sources, the author turns to the plays of Greek New Comedy and their later Roman adaptations. There she identifies similar scenarios, especially in disputes concerning sexual violations, the marriages of heiresses, and divorces, and shows that recognition of legal scenarios aids interpretation of New Comedy texts.


Introduction; Part I. Pre-Trial Plays: 1. The staging of dispute settlement; 2. Initiating justice: threat, summons, and arrest; Part II. Reconciliation and its Rhetoric: 3. Private arbitration and reconciliation in Athens and Rome; 4. Scenarios of arbitration and reconciliation in New Comedy; 5. Redress for sexual offences in Athenian and Roman law; 6. The resolution of seduction and rape in New Comedy; 7. Arguing behind closed doors; Part III. Playing on the Boundaries of the Law: 8. Entrapment and framing; Appendices: 1. Official arbitration in the Attic orators; 2. Private arbitrations and reconciliations in Athens; 3. Remedies for enslavement, kidnapping and slave-stealing in Athens and Rome; 4. Controversial summonses in Rudens and Persa; 5. Threats of lawsuits and self-help remedies in Graeco-Roman New Comedy; 6. Ambiguous arbitri in Roman comedy; 7. Moikhos and moikheia.


'This is a remarkably learned and elegantly produced volume that is bound to be frequently consulted by scholars and students of law and comedy alike for many years to come.' Brill
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