Feminine Fables

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September 2002



A new iconography of the Indian woman seems to be emerging which challenges the traditional "images" and roles of women. Dramatic changes in projecting the woman reflect changes in societal norms and taboos -- in a country which has both defiled woman and idolized her. These roles for the modern woman are subversive, mapping out bold new frontiers for her to explore.Set against the feminist discourse, these images raise different questions about "seeing" the Indian woman. Traced over the century, they suggest an extraordinary transformation in imaging the Indian woman as manifested in painting, photography, popular posters and classical cinema and as examined here in works by both men and women.In five seminal essays this book examines central issues regarding the woman, whether she is viewed as a woman or a goddess; whether her body is treated as an object or subject of pleasure; if she has the freedom to move from the home to the world outside; if she is expected to play multiple roles or is perceived in her integral self; and if she has learned now how to re-assert her own power.


Preface; Introduction; The Foot in Indian Culture; Ancient Footwear & Types of Shoes; Traditional Hide, Leather & Leather Workers in India; Traditional Indian Footwear in the Modern Period; Map; Photo Credits; Index.


"... Feminine Fables is a work of dedication, labour and imagination. It provides an overview and understanding of the varied visual forms surrounding the fables of the feminine persona. Well produced and designed, it meshes a measure of academic discourse with plenty of visual pleasure for the lay reader. -- Malvika Karlekar, Biblio"
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