Composite Materials in Maritime Structures: Volume 2, Practical Considerations

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September 2003



This second volume, Practical Considerations, examines how the theory can be used in the design and construction of marine structures.


Preface; List of authors; 1. Introduction R. A. Shenoi; 2. Design of Displacement Craft A. R. Dodkins; 3. Design of Dynamically Supported Craft S-E. Hellbratt; 4. The Role of Adhesives I. E. Winkle; 5. Practical Design of Joints and Attachments R. A. Shenoi and G. L. Hawkins; 6. Production of Ships with Single Skin Structures A. Bunney; 7. Production of Yacht Hulls of Sandwich Configuration P. Krass; 8. Material Case Study - Failures and their Repairs R. J. Rymill; 9. Response of Sandwich Structures to Slamming and Impact Loads B. Hayman; 10. Fatigue Characteristics H. G. Scholte; 11. Composites in Offshore Structures A. G. Gibson; 12. Regulatory Aspects in Design B. Hayman; 13. Quality and Safety Assessment J. Benoit; 14. Design Management and Organisation; Appendix; Index.
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