Adam & Eve: Marriage Secrets from the Garden of Eden

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Mai 2003



Sensitively-written for today's Adams and Eves of all faiths and denominations, as well as those inspired by self-help or popular spiritual teachings, author Michael Shevack shows readers how to have a relationship that combines individual freedom, without restrictive roles, with the security of traditional marriages. Spiritually eye-opening, yet immensely practical, including exercises to help readers consciously change old patterns, these marriage lessons include: Knowing Each Other's Boundaries and Honoring Them (Marriage Secret #16); Never, Ever Blame (Marriage Secret # 12); Think before You Act (Marriage Lesson #13); and Turn Away from Temptation (Marriage Lesson #18). Adam and Eve: Marriage Secrets from the Garden of Eden offers biblical perspectives in fresh, insightful ways to help couples solve problems quickly and stay joyfully-married forever.


The founder of the Adam and Eve Institute for Spiritual Marriage, Michael Shevack has taught thousands of people around the world how to bring the experience of God into their lives and relationships. An ordained rabbi who has helped bring about a healing between all the world's faiths, he has appeared on numerous T.V. and radio shows in the U.S. and abroad.
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