With Bold Strokes: Boyer Gonzales, 1864-1934

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Mai 1997



The earth, sea, and clouds graced this watercolorist's canvas, and with each bold stroke Boyer Gonzales captured his subjects in his own distinctive style. Throughout his life, Gonzales drew and painted scenes around him - from the South Texas coastline to Mexico. In 1895 he pioneered the route of American painters in Mexico, where he found scenes he would return to time and again. He truly entered the art scene, though, in 1916 when his watercolor "In a Texas Swamp" was included in an annual exhibition sponsored by the Art Institute of Chicago and was further honored by being selected for an extended tour of museums in cities throughout the United States. Along with fifty of Gonzales's works, author Edward Simmen includes the artist's life story, drawing his information primarily from the Gonzales Family Papers at the Rosenberg Library (comprising diaries, scrapbooks, sketch pads, letters, drawings and sketches, clippings and family photographs). Admirers of Gonzales's work, as well as those interested in early-twentieth-century American impressionism, will find this a beautiful examination of his life and career.


Edward Simmen, a professor at Universidad de las Americas-Puebla in Puebla, Mexico, has published numerous articles and books, most notably on Chicano literature. He is a Fellow of the David Bruce Centre for American Studies at the University of Keele in England.
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