Talkin with Your Mouth Full: Conversations with the Videos of Steve Fagin

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Februar 1998



A collection of essays by leading cultural studies authors on the video work of artist Steve Fagin, together with excerpts from scripts and illustrations from his work.


Steve Fagin, a recipient of several NEA grants, is Professor of Visual Arts at the University of California at San Diego. His videos include "The Machine That Killed Bad People," "Zero Degrees Latitude," "Virtual Play," "Memorial Day (Observed)," and "The Amazing Voyage of Gustave Flaubert and Raymond Roussel." Fagin's work has been featured at a Museum of Modern Art retrospective and at a one-person show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. A recently completed, feature-length video, "TropiCola," focuses on contemporary Cuba.


"rom the Foreword: "
"Treat this book like a cocktail party where you have the good luck to be invisible. No one cares what you are wearing, and you can eavesdrop on whomever you wish for as long as you want. . . . You will make a note to look up some of the guests later, while other guests may make you wonder who was crazy enough to invite them. You will know Steve Fagin--he's the one talkin' with his mouth full." --Victoria Gill
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