Texas Women Writers: A Tradition of Their Own

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August 1997



Texas Women Writers: A Tradition of Their Own is a sweeping account of a rich yet largely ignored literary history covering over 160 years of women's writing in the Lone Star State. Their writings vary widely in theme, setting, and voice; nevertheless, these writers share a distinct tradition that is in part defined by their isolation due to both geography and gender and is wholly different from that of their male counterparts. The introductory essay by the editors covers the history of women writers in Texas from the pioneers to the postmodernists, providing the context and theme for the survey. Critical-biographical portraits of the lives and careers of individual writers both major and minor follow: from novelists, dramatists, and poets, to writers of short stories, children's books, and creative nonfiction. Other essays examine the developmental history of major genres in the region and chronologically review each generation and the particular challenges of time and place that shaped their work. The careers of African-American and Tejana writers are also examined as part of newly emerging literary traditions.


Lou Halsell Rodenberger is professor of English at McMurry University in Abilene, Texas.Sylvia Ann Grider is associate professor in the Department of Anthropology at Texas A&M University. Both have written extensively on the lives and careers of Texas women writers.
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