The Ethiopian Revolution 1974 1987: A Transformation from an Aristocratic to a Totalitarian Autocracy

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A comprehensive account of the Ethiopian revolution currently available, from its origins to 1987.


1. The background to the emergence of the structural crisis; Part I. The Collapse of the Old State (January-December 1974): 2. The urban uprising of January to June 1974; 3. The turning of an urban movement into a junta dictatorship; Part II. The Formative Years of the Post Revolutionary Order (December 1974-February): 4. The socio-economic reforms of 1975; 5. The upsurge of political organisations; 6. Scientific socialism and the structure of government; 7. From a junta to an autocratic dictatorship; Part III. Consolidation of Power (February 1977-September 1987): 8. The elimination of internal and external threats to Mengistu's power; 9. The formation of the Workers Party of Ethiopia; 10. The 1987 constitution of PDRE: the formalisation of the party/state; 11. Conclusion.


"This outstanding book is the most authoritative account to date of Ethiopia's epic transformation from the feudal monarchy of Haile Selassie to the Stalinist dictatorship of Mengistu Haile-Mariam." Foreign Affairs "The book is remarkable in that it relies heavily on a large number of primary sources written either in Amharic or other indigenous languages of Ethiopia. These include not only government documents but also materials from various political organizations that either collaborated with or opposed the Marxist-Leninist regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam. Tiruneh writes from the perspective of a well-studied scholar who has experienced firsthand the intellectual evolution of the Ethiopian Left leading up to the revolution...Tiruneh's book is must reading for anyone who wants to fill in some critical gaps in their understanding of the process of Ethiopia's first revolution." Edmond Keller, American Historical Review "The strength of Andargachew's work is in his defining of the political positions of the various factions (or movements) with in the revolution, based largely upon their official newspapers and documents. He does an excellent job of expressing the various nuances, and demonstrating how seemingly minor differences were in fact major points of contention, which helps explain much of the political infighting and violence." African Studies Review
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