Get Paid More and Promoted Faster: 21 Great Ways to Get Ahead in Your Career

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August 2001



Packed with ideas and techniques that work for virtually anyone, in any job, under any circumstance, this book helps readers identify opportunities to increase their value, work better with others, solve problems, develop ideas to improve operations, maximize their strengths, and leverage their abilities.


Brian Tracy is one of America's leading authorities on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He's a dynamic and inspiring speaker with a wonderful ability to inform and inspire audiences toward peak performance and high levels of achievement. Prior to founding Brian Tracy International, Tracy was the chief operating officer of a development company with $265 million in assets and $75 million in annual sales. He has had successful careers in sales and marketing, investments, real estate development and syndication, importation, distribution and management consulting. Tracy has traveled and worked in over 80 countries on six continents and speaks four languages. Tracy has produced more than 200 hours of audio and video learning programs covering the entire spectrum of human and corporate performance.
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