Unbridled Spirits: Short Fiction about Women in the Old West

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Juni 1994



Was the West really hell on horses and women? Not always. This collection of short stories refutes the traditional stereotypes of women in western fiction--the pure schoolmarm, the soiled dove with a heart of gold, the worn and weary settler's wife--to show that both male and female authors have created strong and interesting women in western fiction, both past and present. Four major women authors--Mary Hallock Foote, Willa Cather, Mari Sandoz, and Dorothy Johnson--are represented by several selections each. Individual stories follow by Gertrude Atherton, Mary Austin, Jeanne Williams, Carla Kelly, Marcia Muller, Judy Alter, Bret Harte, O. Henry, Owen Wister, Charles Eastman, Jack London, Jack Schaefer, Elmer Kelton, Robert Flynn, and Elmore Leonard.


Judy Alter is director of TCU Press and author of several books, including monographs on Dorothy Johnson and Jeanne Williams. The late A. T. Row was editor of the TCU Press. Fred Erisman, professor of English at TCU, is the author of numerous articles and reviews and a contributor to "Fifty Western Writers" and "A"" Literary History of the American West."
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