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Get comprehensive coverage of all the powerful new features of MySQL, one of the fastest--and free--relational databases in use today. Written in conjunction with the MySQL development team, this expert resource covers transactional integrity, disaster recovery, scalability, support for mobile users, Web-based and client/server programming, and much more.


<H2> Part I: Installation<H3> 1: Introduction to Databases<H3> 2: A Technical Tour of MySQL<H3> 3: MySQL Installation and Configuration<H2> Part II: Usage<H3> 4: SQL Basics<H3> 5: MySQL Data Types<H3> 6: MySQL Operators<H3> 7: MySQL Functions<H3> 8: Working with Databases and Tables<H3> 9: Working with Data<H3> 10: Joins<H3> 11: Subqueries<H3> 12: Transactions<H2> Part III: Administration<H3> 13: Administration and Configuration<H3> 14: Security, Access Control, and Privileges<H3> 15: Maintenance, Backup, and Recovery<H3> 16: Performance Optimization<H3> 17: MySQL Replication<H2> Part IV: Development<H3> 18: The MySQL APIs<H3> 19: MySQL and C<H3> 20: MySQL and Perl<H3> 21: MySQL and PHP


Vikram Vaswani is the founder and CEO of Melonfire (http://www.melonfire.com/), a company specializing in software consultancy and content creation and syndication services. He is also the author of PHP Programming Solutions, How to do Everything with PHP and MySQL, and MySQL: The Complete Reference (all McGraw-Hill/Osborne titles) and XML and PHP (New Riders Publishing). He is also the author of numerous well-received articles on open-source technologies (including Perl, Python, XML and the very popular PHP 101 series), all written with the goal of making complex technologies accessible and understandable to novice users. He has been developing software since 1995, was first introduced to PHP in 1998, and hasn't looked back since. He is regular columnist with Zend Technologies (creators of PHP), as well as with IBM DeveloperWorks, CNET Builder.com, DevX.com and other OSS sites.


From the Computer Media column by Rachel Singer Gordon ...perennially popular open-source companions for creating database-driven web sites. These guides cover MySQL, as well as its use with PHP and other languages...Complete Reference tries to be all things to all people, covering topics from an introduction to relational databases and installing and configuring MySQL to reference material for administrators, but is most appropriate for new and intermediate users. Sidebars and notes add info and link to additional resources, while a welcome thoroughness and clarity make this a good, basic purchase for all libraries.
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