The Waltz He Was Born for: An Introduction to the Writing of Walt McDonald

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September 2002



Texas Poet Laureate Walt McDonald has published more than eighteen volumes of poetry. A poet of the landscape, of war and flying, of people just working hard, McDonald is master of the vital image and sound. And his work invites others to define the elements that delight and fascinate. Each contributor herein has made his own trek to McDonald's harsh landscapes of arroyos and hardscrabble, his skies filled with joy and terrors, those night sweats of pilots. Here, in the territory Walt McDonald has claimed, these writers have found gold.Their essays analyze McDonald's writings about war and the veteran's return to civilian life, the regional grounding of his far-reaching verities, and the writer himself. Some discuss his aesthetic strategies; others examine him in relation to other writers. Still others explore religious imagery, thought, and implications. One looks at the poet within the context of his fiction, A Band of Brothers, McDonald's elegiac and only collection of short stories.


All His Hands Can Do: The Poetry of Walt McDonald by Henry Taylor Domestic Tranquility and Natural Defense: The Personal History of Walt McDonald by Jerry Bradley Reclaiming the Homefront: Walt McDonald's Peacekeeping Soldiers by Barbara Rodman McDonald's A Band of Brothers: A Plea for a Deeper Understanding by Clay Reynolds Walt McDonald's Beautiful Wasteland by Michael Hobbs Unignored Plunder: The Texas Poems of Walt McDonald by Dave Oliphant An Uneasy Truce: Wilderness and Domesticity in the Poems of Walt McDonald by April Lindner Walt McDonald, Poet of the Southwest by Nick Norwood Poetry to Trespass For by Dan Flores Walt McDonald's Poetry: Images of Man's Acceptance of His Place in Time by La Verne Popelka Angel and Mirage: Concerns of Imagination in Walt McDonald and Wallace Stevens by William Wenthe How to Spin Rightly: Walt McDonald's Vision of the Artist by Janice Whittington "Dark Pearls": An Introduction to Walter McDonald's Poetic Journey of Faith by Darryl Tippens Intimations of Higher Matters: Anagogical Closure in Walter McDonald's Burning the Fence by William Jolliff Perseverance in Walt McDonald's Poetry by Chris Willerton Forms of Incarnation in the Recent Poetry of Walter McDonald by Helen Maxson An Interview with Walt McDonald, April 2000 by Phyllis Bridges
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