Into a Thousand Mouths

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April 1999



Explores womans place in West Texas and the world from the perspectives of daughter, wife, friend, and mother. This title presents the account of one woman, of all women that female secret of wombs/the ache that folds into the chest/and stays, a wound/nursed into a jewel.


Does My Father Dream of Sons? Highway When the Lights Fail All the Watchers Are Women What Men Say to Each Other Fallen from the Sky Daddy's Summer for Dying Risking the Fall The Roots of Desert Plants Lightning Georgia's Canyon The Carp Catchers What Percent Water A Wife's Place Landlocked Woman of the Sea Storms in Summer Mesquites in February Coyote Spring Horse Bones in Yellowhouse Canyon The Shooter Coyote on the Fence Feral Salt Licks What it Takes Winter in a West Texas Town Canada Geese in Texas The Arrowhead Dust and Snow More Than a Wedge of Sky Storm Watch Hailstorm Late Frost Rain Forests Bloodlines The Music of Bones Expensive Harvest Talking to Mother Truths About the Dead Sleeping Alone Connections Mothering Daughters For the Brave Everywhere
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Untertitel: 'Walt McDonald First-Book Serie'. New. Sprache: Englisch.
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