Fundamentals of Oop and Data Structures in Java

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A book for an undergraduate course on data structures which integrates the concepts of object-oriented programming and GUI programming.


Part I. Foundations: 1. Cornerstones of OO; 2. Objects; 3. Class construction; 4. Relationships between classes; 5. GUIs - basic concepts; 6. Implementing simple GUIs in Java; 7. Errors and exceptions; 8. Recursion; Part II. Data Structures: 9. Abstract data types; 10. Containers as abstract data types; 11. Stack and queue; 12. Application of stack; 13. Lists; 14. Trees, heaps and priority queues; 15. Search trees; 16. Hashing and sets; 17. Association and dictionary; 18. Sorting; Appendices.


'... a very good approach in introducing the concepts of object-orientated programming ... I recommend this book for professionals who want a deeper look at the design of data structures in Java.' Karthik Gajjala, Artificial Intelligence '... if you would like to know more about the theory behind OOP and data types this is a good book'. Hubert Klein Ikkink, Developers Review 'This is a nicely laid-out hardback ... the reader wishing to learn how to implement the various Data Structures in Java would be pleased.' CVu '... provides an excellent OOP-based implementation of data structures.' Ann Fleury, Computing Reviews '... very clear and free of errors ... contains extensive relevant material in a very readable form, organized into digestible and practical chapters. In addition to its use as a CS2-level textbook, this book could also be useful to practitioners who lack a formal computer science background.' M. M. Tanik, Computing Reviews
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