General Viticulture

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Wherever grapevines are cultivated this book will be welcome because it fills longstanding need for a clear, concise treatment of modern viticulture. The chapters on vine structure, vine physiology, the grape flower and berry set, development and composition of grapes, and means of improving grape quality add to our knowledge of the vine and its functions. The text is designed to enable those concerned with either vine or fruit problems to arrive at considered diagnoses.


Preface to the Second Edition 1. History 2. Classification of Grapes 3. Geographical Distribution of Grape Growing 4. Climate and Soils 5. Structure of the Vine 6. The Physiology of the Vine 7. The Grape Flower and Berry Set 8. Development and Composition of Grapes 9. Propagation 10. Establishing the Vineyard 11. Supports for Vines 12. Training Young Vines 13. Pruning 14. Means of Improving Grade Quality 15. Cultivation, Chemical Weed Control, and Erosion Control 16. Irrigation 17. Fertilizer Elements Required by the Vine 18. Grape Diseases and Disorders 19. Grape Pests 20. Harvesting and Packing Table Grapes 21. Harvesting Wine Grapes 22. Precooling, Fumigation, and Storage of Table Grapes 23. Raisins 24. Grape Varieties Index


The authors have all been members of the Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis a world-renowned research center.
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