Middy Brown's Journal I: An Appointed Time

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Praise for the first printing of Middy Brown's Journal I--An Appointed Time: "I couldn't put it down; I hope the next book comes out soon!" Pat McCord, Anchorage, AK "Inspirational mysteries like An Appointed Time are uplifting and emotionally charged novels. By the end, the audience feels good and hopeful about themselves and their reading experience. This particular book is loaded with subplots that not only enhance the story line, but also sustains the reader's attention throughout the book. M. Louise Smith has created a wonderful heroine regaining the spirit of her life even as she encourages fans to do likewise." Harriet Klausner, BookBrowser ( --Amazon.com rating) "An Appointed Time is a book that is filled with mystery, international intrigue, danger and excitement, romance and heartache. It is also the story of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. And, it is the first of what this reviewer hopes are many more Middy Brown Stories." Jo Rogers. My Shelf "Rib-Rickling Funny!" Julie Failla, St. Louis

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