How to Do Everything with Your Ebay Business, Second Edition

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This user-friendly book shows you how to turn the satisfaction and excitement of eBay sales into a lucrative small business--and possibly even a full-time job! Find out how to establish a seller's account, post attention-getting auction listings, and build confidence among bidders. Author Greg Holden explains how to apply the secrets of successful brick and mortar businesses to the online world. After learning the ropes, you'll find out how to boost sales with techniques such as no-reserve selling and "buy it now" pricing. Plus--tips for locating inventory, implementing marketing plans, and getting free advertising are revealed.


PART I: GET STARTED WITH EBAY; Ch. 1: Become an eBay Auction Expert; Ch. 2: Start Selling with eBay; Ch. 3: Become an eBay Auctioneer; PART II: IMPROVE YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE; Ch. 4: Tips and Strategies for Online Sellers; Ch. 5: Spruce Up Your Auction Presentation; Ch. 6: Manage Multiple Auctions; Ch. 7: Create Your Own Web Pages; Ch. 8: Create Digital Images that Sell; PART III: BUSINESS PRACTICES FOR EBAY; Ch. 9: Accept Payments and Serve Your Customers; Ch. 10: Make Sure Your Goods Reach Their Destination; Ch. 11: Meet Other Auction Hounds; PART IV: SELL SPECIALTY ITEMS ON EBAY; Ch. 12: Drive Home the Deal on eBay Motors; Ch. 13: Auction Off Business Goods and Services; Ch. 14: Fix Your Price on Half.com; Ch. 15: Get Top Dollar on Sothebys.com; Ch. 16: Protect Yourself and Your Customers; Ch. 17: Fulfill Your Accounting and Tax Requirements; PART V: KEEP YOUR EBAY BUSINESS RUNNING SMOOTHLY; Ch. 18: Keep Your eBay Business Legal; Ch. 19: What to Do in Case of Trouble; Appendix: An eBay Glossary.


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