The Economics and Econometrics of Innovation

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April 2000



During the past few decades, the interest of economists in the sources of long-term economic growth has led an increasing number of them to focus on the role of innovation in creating that growth. Although some researchers have always been interested in this topic, the groundbreaking work of Solow (1957), Nelson (1959) and Arrow (1962) made many other economists recognize the central role played by innovation in almost all spheres of economic activity. The Economics and Econometrics of Innovation presents a valuable overview of the work of the world's most renowned experts in the field of innovation and technical change. It collects 22 outstanding contributions that reflect the results of the vast, worldwide research efforts and remind us of the importance of economic incentives in shaping and directing innovative activities. The volume presents an edited selection of papers that were first presented at the 10th International ADRES conference. One particular goal of this book is to bring out the complementary nature of the various approaches to innovation, and to facilitate in-depth dialogues both between microeconomists and macroeconomists, and between theoreticians and econometricians. General topics that are considered range from the economy-wide effects of innovation on growth and employment to the variation of individual firm innovative performance; from the analysis of networks and standardization to the role of intellectual property rights and the assessment of knowledge spillovers. Besides the wealth of information presented in the chapters, readers of this volume will also appreciate the value of examining a single question from different angles and by using different methods.


Overview. Part I: The Macroeconomic Effects of Innovation. 1. On the Macroeconomic Effect of Major Technological Change; P. Aghion, P. Howitt. 2. On Knowledge Diffusion, Patents Lifetime and Innovation Based Endogenous Growth; P. Michel, J. Nyssen. 3. Endogenous Growth and the Labor Market; F. Cerisier, F. Postel-Vinay. Part II: Publicly Funded Science. 4. Research Productivity in a System of Universities; J.D. Adams, Z. Griliches. 5. Reputation and Competence in Publicly Funded Science: Estimating the Effects on Research Group Productivity; A. Arora, et al. 6. The Impact and Organization of Publicly Funded Research and Development in the European Community; M.P. Feldman, F.R. Lichtenberg. 7. An Auction Model of Intellectual Property Protection: Patent Versus Copyright; M. Waterson, N. Ireland. 8. Information Disclosure and the Renewal of Patents; C. Crampes, C. Langinier. 9. Appropriation Strategy and the Motivations to Use the Patent Systems: An Econometric Analysis at the Firm Level; E. Duguet, I. Kabla. 10. Patents and R&D, An Econometric Investigation Using Applications for German, European and US Patents by German Companies; G. Licht, K. Zoz. Part III: Network Goods and Standardization. 11. Equilibrium Coalition Structures in Markets for Network Goods; N. Economides, F. Flyer. 12. Does Standardization Really Increase Production? H. Stahn. Part IV: Investment and Productivity in R&D. 13. Accumulation of R&D Capital and Dynamic Firm Performance: A Not-So-Fixed Effect Model; T.J. Klette, F. Johansen. 14. Are there Financing Constraints for R&D and Investment in German Manufacturing Firm? D. Harhoff. Part V: Profits from Innovation. 15. The Commercial Success of Innovations: An Econometric Analysis at the Firm Level in French Manufacturing; C. Barlet, et al. 16. Incentives for Cost Reducing Innovations under Quantitative Import Restraints; C.C. Cabral, et al. 17. The Size Distribution of Profits from Innovation; F.M. Scherer. Part VI: Spillovers. 18. Looking for International Knowledge Spillovers: A Review of the Literature with Suggestions for New Approaches; L. Branstetter. 19. Factor Intensities, Rates of Return, and International R&D Spillovers: The Case of Canadian and U.S. Industries; J. Bernstein. 20. Exploring the Spillover Impact on Productivity of World-Wide Manufacturing Firms; H. Capron, M. Cincera. 21. Innovation Spillovers and Technology Policy; Y. Katsoulacos. Index of Names. Index of Subjects.
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