Turbulence and Random Processes in Fluid Mechanics

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August 1992



Fluid flow turbulence is a phenomenon of great importance in many fields of engineering and science.


1. Introduction with historical notes; 2. Characteristic scales and nondimensional parameters; 3. Basic equations; 4. Statistical tools for description of turbulence; 5. Examples of homogeneous turbulent flows; 6. Waves; 7. Instability and transition to turbulence; 8. Shear flow turbulence structure; 9. Turbulence modeling and closure schemes; 10. Aerodynamic noise; 11. Convective transport; 12. Numerical simulation of turbulence.


"This small book is a gem that should be widely appreciated...It is clean, useful, and almost elegant in its confident approach to the subject." Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society "...an easy to read introduction to turbulence, instabilities and transitions...successfully reviews a large class of nonlinear phenomena in fluids (solitons, deterministic chaos, transitions, fully developed turbulence) without many technical details...provides a good bibliography...very valuable in that it rapidly provides a good fundamental background to engineers who have to cope with realistic problems in fluids." P. L. Sulem, Mathematical Reviews
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