Political Networks: The Structural Perspective

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Oktober 2004



Knoke explains the relevance of network theory in political science.


1. Politics in structural perspective; 2. Voting and political participation; 3. Social movements Nancy Wisely; 4. Organizational power Naomi J. Kaufman; 5. Community power structures; 6. Elites in the nation state; 7. International relations Jodi Burmeister-May; 8. Toward a structural political economy; Appendix; References; Index.


'Knoke displays a gift for efficient summary and judicious characterization, and he knows the territory ... The book is a natural addition to graduate or advanced undergraduate politics syllabi and will be useful for introducing network analysis in organizations classes ... there is no better introduction.' Paul DiMaggio, Administrative Science Quarterly 'Knoke's book fills an important gap in the political science literature by presenting the network concept as part of a coherent theoretical perspective ... Knoke's work is highly readable and the relevant fundamentals of network methodology are included in a short appendix ... [this] book deserves a wide audience among theoretically oriented political scientists.' American Political Science Review
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