Teaching and Learning

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This volume provides a selection of the articles by key researchers in educational attainment, a core area of developmental psychology. Articles from leading researchers are both introduced and contextualized together with suggestions for further reading.


Part I Learning.1. Attaining Excellence Through Deliberate Practice: Insights from the Study of Expert Performance. (K. A. Ericsson)2. Rhyme, Language and Children's Readering. (P. Bryant, M. Maclean and L. Bradley)3. The Rebirth of Children's Learning. (R. Siegler)4. Candy Selling and Math Learning. (G. B. Saxe)5. Understanding Academic Performance at University. (N. J. Entwistle)Part II Teaching.6. On Becoming a Tutor: Toward an Ontogenetic Model. (D. Wood, H. Wood, S. Ainsworth and C. O'Malley)7. Teacher Expectation: Implications for School Improvement. (C. Rogers)8. An Exploration of Long-Term Far-Transfer Effects Following an Extended Intervention Program in the High School Science Curriculum. (P. Adey and M. Shayer)9. Reconstructing Context: the Conventionalization of Classroom Knowledge. (D. Edwards and N. Mercer)10. The Role of Assessment in a Learning Culture. (L. A. Shepard)Index.


Charles Desforges is Professor of Education at the University of Exeter. His previous books include An Introduction to Teaching (Blackwell, 1995). He has also been the Director of the ESRC Teaching and Learning Programme for the past three years, the largest education research programme ever funded in the UK.Richard Fox has recently retired after ten years as a lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Primary Education at The School of Education, University of Exeter


"a collection of interesting, albeit idiosyncratic, readings ... the book touches most of the important bases" Guy Claxton, University of Bristol Graduate School of Education, Cambridge Journal of Education, Vol. 33, No. 2, 2003
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