The Scientific Legacy of Fred Hoyle

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April 2005



Looks at the influence Fred Hoyle's research has had on advances in astronomy and cosmology.


Introduction M. Rees; 1. Fred Hoyle's major work in the context of astronomy and astrophysics today W. L. W. Sargent; 2. Sir Fred Hoyle and the theory of the synthesis of the elements D. Arnett; 3. Fred Hoyle: contributions to the theory of galaxy formation G. Efstathiou; 4. Highlights of Fred Hoyle's work on interstellar matter and star formation P. M. Solomon; 5. Accretion H. Bondi; 6. From dust to life C. Wickramasinghe; 7. Worlds without end or beginning J. D. Barrow; 8. Evolutionary cosmologies - then and now M. S. Longair; 9. Alternative ideas in cosmology J. N. Narlikar; 10. Red Giants - then and now J. Faulkner; 11. Modern alchemy: Fred Hoyle and element building by neutron capture E. M. Burbidge; 12. Concluding remarks G. Burbidge.


Professor Douglas Gough is Director of the Institute of Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, and a Fellow of the Royal Society.


Review of the hardback: '... a fitting tribute to an extraordinarily original mind.' New Scientist Review of the hardback: 'A mixture of history of science, measured reflection, and still a hint of controversy, this is a fascinating read.' The Observatory
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