Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow

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April 2005



This book presents a unified approach to the fundamental ideas of multiphase flows.


1. Introduction to multiphase flow; 2. Single-particle motion; 3. Bubble or droplet translation; 4. Bubble growth and collapse; 5. Cavitation; 6. Boiling and condensation; 7. Flow patterns; 8. Internal flow energy conversion; 9. Homogeneous flows; 10. Flows with bubble dynamics; 11. Flows with gas dynamics; 12. Sprays; 13. Granular flows; 14. Drift flux models; 15. System instabilities; 16. Kinematic waves.


Christopher E. Brennen is Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at the California Institute of Technology. He has published over 200 refereed articles and is especially well known for his research on cavitation, turbomachinery flows, as well as multiphase flows. He is the author of Cavitation and Bubble Dynamics and Hydrodynamics of Pumps and has edited several other works.


'The book is an excellent reference book for basic methods used in the treatment of multiphase flows, and it is very well written and enjoyable. It is warmly recommended to graduate students and researchers interested in modern problems concerning multiphase flows.' Zentralblatt MATH
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