Crime, Society and the Law in Renaissance Italy

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Oktober 2004



This volume puts crime and disorder in Renaissance Italy firmly in its political and social context. The contributors include English, Italian, American and Australian scholars. The volume focuses on new material and addresses all stages in the judicial process from the drafting of laws to the rounding up of bandits. The articles range geographically across most of the peninsula. This is the only single-volume treatment available on the subject in English.


Preface; List of contributors; 1. Writing the history of crime in the Italian Renaissance Trevor Dean and Kate Lowe; 2. Criminal justice in mid fifteenth-century Bologna Trevor Dean; 3. The judicial system in Florence in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries Andrea Zorzi; 4. The incidence of crime in Sicily in the mid fifteenth century: the evidence from composition records Alan Ryder; 5. Theology, nature and the law: sexual sin and sexual crime in Italy from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century Nicholas Davidson; 6. Practical problems in the enforcement of Italian sumptuary law, 1200-1500 Catherine Kovesi Killerby; 7. The prince, the judges and the law: Cosimo I and sexual violence, 1558 Elena Fasano Guarini; 8. Intervention by church and state in marriage disputes in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Florence Daniela Lombardi; 9. The writer and the man: real crimes and mitigating circumstances: Il caso Cellini Paolo Rossi; 10. The political crime of conspiracy in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Rome Kate Lowe; 11. Fighting or flyting?: verbal duelling in mid sixteenth-century Italy Donald Weinstein; 12. Banditry and lawlessness on the Venetian terraferma in the later cinquecento Peter Laven; 13. Mihi vindictam: aristocratic clans and rural communities in a feud in Friuli in the late fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries Furio Bianco.


"The diversity of approaches and the variations in geographical and chronological focus give this volume considerable richness and strength." The Sixteenth Century Journal "There is incorporated here a wealth of new ideas...the Dean/Lowe work is a mine of new thinking about Renaissance crime as well as methodology...While representing still another in the myriad of recent studies of crime in history, this work is proof that something useful, even intriguing, can be distilled from even a well-worked topic." Albert J. Schmidt "...A welcome addition to the scholary understanding of the various permutations and developments of late medieval and early modern marriage." Religious Studies Review
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