War and the Law of Nations: A General History

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Tracing war as a legal concept from Roman times through to the twentieth century, Stephen Neff reveals its various roles as a law-enforcement operation, duel between states and a "crime against the peace." He also considers the post World War II definition of war as an international law-enforcement mechanism under U.N. auspices. Although unsuccessful, this attempt did help transform war into a humanitarian, rather than a policy problem. This book interests historians, students of international relations and international lawyers.


Table of cases; Table of treaties; Abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. War as Law Enforcement (to 1600): 1. Ares and Athena; 2. Loving enemies and hating sin; Part II. New Forces Stirring (1600-1815): 3. War in due form; 4. Dissension in the ranks; Part III. War as State Policy (1815-1919): 5. Collisions of naked interest; 6. Tame and half-hearted war: intervention, reprisal and necessity; 7. Civil strife; Part IV. Just Wars Reborn (1919- ): 8. Regulating war; 9. A farewell to war?; 10. New fields of battle; Conclusion; Bibliography.


Reader in Public International Law, School of Law at the University of Edinburgh.


'The scope of Neff's project is majestic, and his scholarly rigor in marshalling evidence on the subject of war from antiquity to today's war on terrorism is impressive. The book is written in an engaging manner likely to appeal to both law of war experts and generalists alike. Neff does not oversimplify, however, and handles even complex legal questions in a sophisticated and nuanced manner. He accordingly makes a substantial contribution to our understanding of the phenomenon of war.' Allen S. Weiner, The American Journal of International Law '[Neff's] latest book is a spirited and enlightening addition to this literature ... The narrative, written with brio and wit, is a delt synthesis of a seemingly vast array of state practice and scholarly doctrine stretching over many centuries. Of particular interest, originality and value is Neff's treatment of 'imperfect wars' or 'measures short of war' ... spirited and sparkling book, which thoroughly deserved its Honourable Mention in the 2007 American Society of International law book prizes.' Cambridge Law Journal
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