Steel Structures: Practical Design Studies

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The third edition of this popular book now contains references to both Eurocodes and British Standards, as well as new and revised examples, and sections on sustainability, composite columns and local buckling. Initial chapters cover the essentials of structural engineering and structural steel design, whilst the remainder of the book is dedicated to a detailed examination of the analysis and design of selected types of structures, presenting complex designs in an understandable and user-friendly way. These structures include a range of single and multi-storey buildings, floor systems and wide-span buildings. Emphasis is placed on practical design with a view to helping undergraduate students and newly qualified engineers bridge the gap between academic study and work in the design office. Experienced engineers who need a refresher course on up-to-date methods of design and analysis will also find the book useful.


Preface. Preface to First Edition. Preface of Second Edition. Preface of Third Edition. 1. The Meaning, the Purpose and the Limits of Structural Design 2. Steel Structures - Structural Engineering 3. Structural Steel Design 4. Preliminary Design 5. Single-Story, One-Way-Spanning Buildings 6. Single-Story, One-Way-Spanning Pinned-Base Portal-Plastic Design to EC3 7. Multistory Buildings 8. Multistory Buildings, Simple Design to EC3 9. Floor Systems 10. Design of Simply Supported Composite Beam to EC4 11. Tall Buildings 12. Wind-Span Buildings 13. Sustainable Steel Building and Energy Saving. Bibliography. Index.


T. J. MacGinley (1920-1996) had extensive international experience of structural steel design. He had a reputation for clarity in his explanation of structural engineering theory coupled with a down-to-earth approach to its practical applications. Dr Hassan Al-Nageim is a course leader and Reader in Structural Engineering at Liverpool John Moores University.

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