The Cambridge Companion to Ancient Greek Law

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September 2005



This Companion provides a comprehensive overview of the major themes and topics pertinent to ancient Greek law. Many of the 22 essays, written by an international team of experts, cover procedural and substantive law in classical Athens, but significant attention is also paid to legal practice in the archaic and Hellenistic eras. The essays offer substantial evidence of legal practice in Crete and Egypt, as well as the intersection of law with religion, philosophy, political theory, rhetoric, and drama.


Part I. Law in Greece: 1. The unity of Greek law; 2. Writing, law and written law Rosalind Thomas; 3. Law and religion Robert Parker; 4. Early Greek law Michael Gagarin; Part II. Law in Athens I: Procedure: 5. Law and oratory at Athens Stephen Todd; 6. Relevance in Athenian courts Adriaan Lanni; 7. The influence of procedural choice on Athenian court-room strategies Lene Rubinstein; 8. The role of the witness in Athenian law Gerhard Thur; 9. Theories of punishment David Cohen; 10. The rhetoric of law in fourth-century Athens Harvey Yunis; Part III. Law in Athens II: Substantive Law: 11. Crime, punishment, and the rule of law in Classical Athens David Cohen; 12. Gender, sexuality, and law Eva Cantarella; 13. Family and property law Alberto Maffi; 14. Athenian citizenship law Cynthia Patterson; 15. Commercial law Edward E. Cohen; Part IV. Law Outside Athens: 16. The Goryns laws John Davies; 17. Greek law in foreign surroundings Hans-Alpert Rupprecht; 18. Hellenistic law: general framework Joseph Meleze Modrzejewski; Part V. Other Approaches to Greek Law: 19. Law, Attic comedy, and the regulation of comic speech Robert Wallace; 20. Greek tragedy and law Danielle Allen; 21. Law and political theory Josiah Ober; 22. Law and nature in Greek thought A. A. Long.


'... a fascinating sampling of the stimulating work accomplished so far from the predominantly Anglo-American perspective ... individual chapters of this book will inevitably be cited on undergraduate reading lists. Teachers will also benefit from engaging with the 'extraordinary intellectual range of contemporary contributions to the study of Greek legal ideas and institutions.'.' Journal of Classics Teaching 'The book excels substantively in its broad collection of Greek legal and political thought, accessible to the most inexpert of readers. ... this collection's great achievement - demonstrating the seemingly innumerable ways in which new light can be shed on well-established themes in this timeless and timely field.' Law and History Review
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