The Anthropology of Art

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Juli 2008



Robert Layton provides an authoritative introduction to the richness and diversity of art forms in non-Western societies.


List of figures; List of plates; Acknowledgements; 1. The art of other cultures; 2. Art and social life; 3. Art and visual communication; 4. Style; 5. Creativity of the artist; References; Index.


'... a sparkling introduction for anyone wishing to understand something of the art of exotic societies and the contribution made by anthropology to the study of it.' The Times Literary Supplement '... Layton offers a lively and testable thesis about the social uses of art. His reflections could easily become the inspiration for further cross-cultural study.' American Anthropologist 'In this exceptionally well researched volume, Layton presents a nearly exhaustive history of rock art studies as developed and practiced in Australia.' Paul Faulstich, Pitzer College 'Layton's 'new synthesis' is a valuable reference work on rock art and cultural studies. It is important reading for scholars ... with an interest in Australian Aboriginal expressive culture.' Paul Faulstich, Pitzer College
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