Managing Selection in Changing Organizations: Human Resource Strategies

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Dezember 1999



Dieser neue Band in der Reihe "Professional Practice" behandelt bewährte Strategien zu Gestaltung und Management von Personalauswahlprogrammen in modernen Unternehmen. Ein herausragendes Expertenteam, das über ausgedehnte praktische Erfahrung auf diesem Gebiet verfügt, diskutiert die Beziehungen zwischen Auswahlverfahren und anderen personalbezogenen Themen, wie z.B. Performance Management, Ausbildung und Entwicklung, Arbeitsentgelt, Personalplanung und deren praktische Anwendung im modernen Arbeitsumfeld.


Part One: Organizational Context
1. Selection for a Changing Workplace
2. Integrating Selections with Other Organizational Processes and Systems
3. Demonstrating the Value of Selection in Organizations
4. Managing "Customers" of Selection Processes
5. Selection Programs in a Union Environment: A Commentary
6. Selection in Team Contexts
7. Cultural Context in Adapting Selection Practices Across Boarders
Part Two: Regulatory Context
8. Employment Risk Management
8. Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities
Part Three: Professional Context
10. The Relationship Between I/O Psychology and Public Policy: A Commentary
11. Research and Practice in Selection


JERARD F. KEHOE is sourcing and selection director in human resources at AT&T, where he is responsible for the company's selection strategies and employment and recruiting policies. During his seventeen years at AT&T, Kehoe has developed selection procedures for manufacturing, technical, customer service, sales, and management positions. He is a member of the American Psychological Association and the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


"These chapters capture knowledge that cannot be gained elsewhere. They do not review the existing literature or rehash well-recognized issues but instead reflect those important insights that can only be gained from years of developing selection systems in organizations, which these authors are uniquely able to do." --Michael Campion, professor of management, Krannert Graduate School of Management, Purdue University"A thought-provoking book that is both contemporary and forward looking. I expect to refer to it frequently." --L. Rogers Taylor, director of research, State Farm Insurance Companies
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