Social Justice and Third World Education

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Juli 1997



The impact of international social change is already having a marked effect on the Third World in their internal policies, budgets, and development programs. This collection of original articles addresses the importance of education in the creation of social and developmental policies; the effect of international changes on education; investment of limited resources in Third-World nations; the control of third-world elites over education and its continuation; the place of women and ethnic minorities in the educational schemes of the Third-World nations examined and country/regional case studies (Africa, India, China, South America).


..."is a solid study of both definition and application. It is a work that effectively combines the theoretical underpinnings of social justice with its tangible manifestations. An important contribution to the field of comparative and international education."
-Comparative Education Review
"This overview makes compelling reading. Recommended for upper-division undergraduates and graduate students."
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