Birgitta of Sweden and the Voice of Prophecy

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August 2001



Birgitta's religious authority considered, with regard to her prophetic mission and her authenticity as a medium of divine revelation in 14c Europe.


Prophecy in the Christian tradition - a "double bind" for women; the life and "Revelations" of Birgitta; bride and channel of the Holy Spirit - Birgitta's vocation as visionary prophet; mystical pregnancy and prophecy in the "Revelations" - Birgitta's identification with the Virgin Mary; submission, role reversals and partnerships - Birgitta and her clerical associates; doubts, derision and denunciations - negative responses to Birgitta's voice of prophecy; "Revelatrix" of divine wisdom - justifications for God's selection of a female prophet.


Professor Claire Shalin teaches at Texas Women's University.


Sahlin undertakes with verve and scholarship the tsk of placing Birgitta's remarkable career in its context, identifying her supporters and critics and comparing her and her message with that of othr female visionaries... A fine contribution to the growing literature on Birgitta and the Brigittine Order. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW (Jeremy Catto) Astute analysis of one of the great prophetic voices of the middle ages... an important contribution to our understanding of medieval mysticism. SCANDINAVIAN STUDIES (US Erudite and extremely readable account of Birgitta's prophecies and their reception, during Birgitta's lifetime and posthumously. MYSTICS QUARTERLY
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