Law's Limits: Rule of Law and the Supply and Demand of Rights

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Oktober 2009



This book demonstrates how property law and rights shift and cycle in the US.


Preface; Part I. The Basic Framework: 1. Supply and demand; 2. The spectrum of rights; 3. The supply side - the little engine of law and rights; Part II. Land Use and Rights: 4. Zoning and its discontents - political malfunction and the demand for rights; 5. Just compensation - the problems of pricing; 6. High stakes players and hidden markets; Part III. Law's Laws: 7. Theories of property: from Coase to communitarianism; 8. Numbers, complexity and the rule of law; 9. Changes; References; Index.


"Using the context of supply and demand, Komesar affers an analysis of rights in general and property rights in particular in the demand for and supply of the limited resources of law and the courts...For readers interested in a more provocative approach to understanding the nexus between law and society, this book will prove illuminating. Graduate level and above." Choice
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