Kodak's Ergonomic Design for People at Work

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Written for those who are on the job but not necessarily professionally trained ergonomists, the principles and approaches detailed in this highly regarded guide have all been implemented in real-world workplace environments and proven successful in reducing the potential for occupational injury, increasing the number of people who can perform a job, and improving employee performance on the job.More than 150 clear and informative illustrations and tables help convey data and information in eight sections: Ergonomics design philosophyHuman reliability and information transferEvaluation of job demandsWork designWorkplace designManual handling in occupational tasksEquipment designEnvironment


Preface. Acknowledgments. 1. Ergonomics Design Philosophy. 2. Evaluation of Job Demands. 3. Workplace Design. 4. Equipment Design. 5. Human Reliability and Information Transfer. 6. Work Design. 7. Manual Handling in Occupational Tasks. 8. Environment. Case Studies. Glossary. Index.


EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, INC., is the global leader in imaging. Between 1911 and 1936, Kodak established a safety committee to evaluate workplace conditions, became a charter member of the National Safety Council, and opened a Medical Department and a Laboratory of Industrial Medicine and Toxicology. In 1960, Kodak formed an Ergonomics Department, which became a global force in ergonomic research, producing the first edition of Ergonomic Design for People at Work (Vol. 1: 1983, Vol. 2: 1986). Kodak is committed to maintaining its position as a leader in health, safety, and environmental performance, while driving continual improvements in operations and products.


"Provides practical, tested and straightforward guidance to those who are not professionally trained ergonomists." (Professional Safety, 3/1/2004)
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